Friday, August 20, 2004


Yeah, so, now I have drug-induced glaucoma in my right eye, and a scratchy left. But my doctor seems optimistic.

I'm coming to the conclusion that intelligent blogging (aka 'not what I'm doing here') takes more time than I typically have to give. While I respect and love to read other bloggers opinions, I just don't feel that sure of myself most of the time. Or maybe I do, just not enough to put it out there.So I'm going to try something new. For anyone interested, check out my new, crappy-phone-camera-pic-a-day photoblog at . Perhaps, if this new blog's not art, at least it might contribute to the world (and the net) in a better way.

Oh, and be sure to have your pop-up blocked on. Tripod's great, but they love the pop-ups.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Sometimes, when watching people, I'm aware of how much people really *aren't* aware of each other. I spend a lot of time observing, which I think is a natural state for me (rather than, say, thinking, which it appears many other people do, and much better than I). And what do I observe? That people don't really spend much time being aware of each other. But maybe that's just my NYC environment.

Anyhow, I think, rather than commenting on the banality of my life, I'm going to try, as with my last post, to jot here the things that I see when out and about that strike me as somehow interesting. Like, that Godiva shopkeepers seem to be incapable of properly tying up their garbage, and that emptied trays of chocolates are not so appealing when scattered about the sidewalk.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

On the Street

Today, as I walked to work, I saw a man painting a light pole. The light pole was made of aluminum. He was painting the pole with an aluminum-colored paint.

Kirstie Alley was on the cover of the Star, and they had clearly made her look horrendous - adding several chins and some bruising through the miracles of photoshop. Right next to the Star? Redbook (or something like it) with a pretty, normal-looking (aka - mid-weight) Kirstie on it. In your face, Star!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

New Favorite Song


More Chilling

So the doc said he didn't see a thing. And I'm sure my vision is getting better all along - both eyes. I'm trying to convince myself it's no thing, and mostly working. I mean - it's only a sore eye. Like when you're brushing your teeth too hard, slip, and skin your gums. That hurts like a mo-fo for several weeks afterwards, right? my vision improves, I wonder...what will I write about now?


I realize it's been a week since my last post, but I've been out quite a bit lately. My eyes appear to be progressing back to normal, with the slight hiccup. The latest being that I had perhaps a bit too much wine last Friday, and I think I acidentally poked myself in the eye with the drops I'm supposed to be putting in. The result of which, I believe, leads to a still-hurting bruised-feeling eye. I'm going to see the doc again today. I'll try to post again tonight with the results, and maybe a more interesting day to report.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Cover the Eye

Well, all's well that ends well, though I am still far from ending my eye-adventure. The scratched cornea apparently is healing just fine, and ain't no thing after all. Plus, when I went in to see Dr. Kelley today, he explained several interesting factoids, beginning with perhaps my favorite sentence from a doctor: 'We don't completely know how this works, but...'

- PRK works by removing the surface of the cornea, then re-tiling it, so to speak. It takes about a week. The delay between your healed eye and good vision lies with your brain - it is re-mapping the surface of your eye to an image. So after a week or so, most of the discomfort should be gone. Unless of course, you're me, and you've scratched your cornea. Then I think it will be through the weekend. Bleck.

- The caps of prescription eye drops are color coded - pink for reducing swelling, tan for anti-biotic, grey for analgesic. While the medication names and dosages may change, the basic purpose remains constant. Interesting to note the next time your doc prescribes eye drops - now you can fact-check the pharmacist.

I can still mostly only see blurry. I get my bandage contact off tomorrow at 1pm, and I'll be celebrating this weekend I think by seeing a stinking movie. After all, I deserve to see a little something. Too much audio-only stimulus can be bad for you, methinks.

Of interest to me: NPR does not put me to sleep. This American Life definitely does not put me to sleep. Democratic convention speeches? Every single one. Foolproof - like a lullaby. Huh.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A funny think happened on the way to tearing my cornea...

Ok, so last night things were going peachy. My eyes were feeling sandy and a bit tired, but ok enough to even watch (blurry) tv. Then, at about 10pm, I blinked, and everything changed in my right eye. It felt like a tiny piece of glass stuck in my upper eyelid, and it hurt every time I blinked. It really freaked me out, but i figured, it was just a speck of lint or something, and I'd use the Bion Tears to wash it out. I did this for about half an hour, to no avail, and used up all my tears.

So I think I freaked out a bit more, then figured, nothing to do, perhaps it will wash out while I sleep. So I went to sleep. Woke up twice. Not better each time. Still like a shard of glass in my eye.

This morning, nothing better. I called my doc, left a message with his service - they told me he opens at 9. At 9:32, I called them again, and spoke with the Nurse/Assistant. She explained my doc was out on Long Island for the day. I explained the situation, and she said she'd call him, then call me back with directions.

I waited an hour - ran out to get more Bion Tears in case I needed them, then got the message from the office. I was to see the doc first thing Thursday - 11am, and if it got worse to call them. Remember - shard of glass in eye. So I called them back and said 'It really can't get much worse - is there another doc I can see?' There was - they hooked me up with a 3pm appt with the doc whose office shared the PRK machinery with my doc.

I just got back from him. His assessment - I have a small tear/rip in my cornea. He put a bandage contact on my eye, told me to use the anti-bacterial drops every two hours for the next six hours, and told me to see Dr. Kelley as planned tomorrow.

I asked him if it were serious, how it happened, and if I should worry. My eyes are actually a bit out-of-sync now, vision wise. He said it happens, that it wasn't anything that would cause permanent damage, etc. I think he was just trying to pass me off to Dr. Kelley. I'll try not to worry about it until I see him tomorrow.

But now I'm back to the god-I-hate-you contacts in one eye. Damn it!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

PRK +4 days...

So I can barely see this as I type this, but I felt restless and thought I'd try and work the computer. The pain has receded to a dull sandy feeling in my eyeballs. I'll try and type up something (likely tomorrow) when I don't have to set the browser on 'supergiant' font like an 87-year old just to see what I'm writing.

I do have to say - hallelujah for getting those damn bandage contacts off. I just don't think anyone can fully understand just how ill they make me - the last 12 hours I had them on my eyes, I though I was going to vomit/pass out. No joke.